Break the PCB fault location problem! ShortCam diagnosis instrument, great partner of maintenance technicians !

Jun 09, 2020

Break the PCB fault location problem! ShortCam diagnosis instrument, great partner of maintenance technicians !
With the highly integrated development of electronic devices such as mobile phones, the detection and maintenance of motherboard failures have become increasingly difficult. Especially in the face of component leakage, short circuit and other faults that cannot be distinguished by visual observation, how should the maintenance engineer solve the problem efficiently?
May wish to change to "Horizon"
Go explore the world of motherboards!
Motherboard failure and abnormal high temperature are inseparable. Laureii PCB Infrared Diagnosis Instrument ShortCam uses infrared technology to help repairers gain insight into the temperature horizon of the motherboard, and solves the problem of difficult fault location through functions such as picture frame temperature measurement and sample comparison.
Frame temperature measurement, lock the fault area
The problem is generally clear, but in the face of the densely packed components on the motherboard, it is impossible to detect it?
Draw a frame to narrow the scope of the exam questions! Laureii PCB Infrared Diagnosis Instrument supports multi-area temperature measurement, and can customize up to 6 areas. When the maintenance technician draws an animation frame to delineate the potential fault area, the quick diagnosis instrument can capture the highest temperature in the frame in real time, providing a reference for the user's diagnosis.
Frame temperature measurement,Sample comparison, fine troubleshooting,Repeated testing, still do not know where the problem is?
Compare it with the full score test paper! Laureii ShortCam supports sample comparison function. The maintenance technician can compare the temperature distribution of the normal motherboard and the abnormal motherboard to judge the fault.
Want to experience the "black technology" gameplay where high temperature is clear at a glance and the fault point is quickly locked? Laureii PCB Infrared Diagnosis Instrument ShortCam, you worth pick !

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