The perimeter protection response is slow and the false alarm rate is high? This plan will help you set up a security cordon

Mar 02, 2020

The perimeter protection response is slow and the false alarm rate is high? This plan will help you set up a security cordon
Common perimeter prevention systems include infrared beams, laser beams, electronic fences, video surveillance, microwave beams, etc. However, due to factors such as objective technical conditions and geographic location, some systems may have complicated installations, high false alarm rates, Problems such as untimely response.
In recent years, infrared thermal imaging technology has gained popularity. It visualizes the temperature information, can find the target in time and record the on-site situation, and has the advantages of strong concealment, low false alarm rate, and day and night visibility. Infrared thermal imaging cameras have greatly broken through the shortcomings of the traditional perimeter prevention system and effectively improved the technical defense effect. It has been widely used in the field of security monitoring.
As a leading provider of infrared thermal imaging products and solutions, Laureii has launched an infrared thermal imaging perimeter protection solution to ensure the perimeter safety of enclosed defense areas such as power plants, industrial parks, and airports, which can realize all-weather monitoring and Intelligent anti-intrusion, with advantages such as easy deployment and less maintenance.

system structure
All-weather monitoring
Not afraid of night and bad weather
The traditional visible light monitor is interfered by the intensity of light, and in the face of bad weather, the monitoring effect is often greatly reduced. The front end of the Laureii Smart Image Perimeter Protection System is equipped with a dual-vision infrared thermal imaging monitor TD100, which is not afraid of light and climate influences, and can still be clear imaging even in harsh conditions such as smoke, fog, rain, snow, sand and glare, no auxiliary light source is needed at night, it can realize 7*24H all-weather automatic monitoring, reduce staff patrol tasks, and improve work efficiency.
Dual-view infrared thermal imaging monitor TD100
Visible light image in haze day VS infrared thermal image in haze day
Intelligent anti-intrusion
Real-time early warning in the background
The system has a built-in intelligent detection algorithm, which can analyze and identify intrusion, area entry and other behaviors, and take the initiative to warn through the back-end software platform, which is convenient for the staff to deal with in time, and effectively prevents illegal intrusion, theft, malicious damage to facilities and other behaviors.
At the same time, the front-end equipment of the system can be connected with sound and light alarms to provide on-site alarms to deter people who attempt to invade and effectively guard the safety of the perimeter.
Intrusion alarm
Easy to deploy, less the maintenance
Speed up multi-scene empowerment
In order to meet the application needs of different customers, Laureii provides a more diversified form of system docking. The system supports access to mainstream monitoring equipment, and can perform linkage management, supports secondary development, is less difficult to integrate, and easier to deploy
Large-scale infrastructures such as hydroelectric power stations, refineries, oil and gas pipelines, airports, etc., have enclosures of several kilometers long, and use ordinary surveillance cameras, which are costly to install and maintain. The perimeter protection system of Laureii Smart Image adopts dual-vision infrared thermal imaging camera, which has a long detection distance and a wider monitoring range. The number of equipment required for the same monitoring distance is less, and the maintenance workload is small.
Perimeter protection, as an application in many important places, is just needed, and it is an important cordon to prevent outside intrusions. With the continuous development of technology, more high-quality solutions and products will emerge. Laureii will also actively build a security line of defense, using intelligent temperature "vision" to enable more scenes.

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