1 Body temperature measuring equipment (T195S)

  Issue list Technical response
1 What is the working principle of body temperature measuring equipment? The infrared thermal camera uses the principle of non-contact infrared temperature measurement, which can distinguish the temperature of each part of the target by color in the thermal image. The highest temperature of the human body surface is generally around the nose root, eye socket, oral cavity, etc. There are many blood vessels in this part and the skin is thin, which can well reflect the temperature state of the measured human body. Therefore, the detection of the body temperature measurement  is based on the position of the face.
2 can it be used outdoors? What are the precautions during installation? In order to ensure the stability and accuracy of temperature measurement, it is not recommended to use it outdoors. If it must be used outdoors, it needs to be matched with an insulated tent. The selection requirements of the tent are as follows:
1) the length is greater than 6m and the width is greater than 1.5m ..
2) Heat insulation, opaque, surrounded by enclosures.
3) There are an entrance and an exit respectively, and people can only enter and exit from the entrance in one direction.
This product is recommended to be installed and operated in indoor areas with small airflow disturbance (preferably no wind) and relatively stable temperature. Please avoid direct air blowing during operation (such as air conditioner outlet and exhaust fan outlet). And try to ensure that the background of the picture is simple and clean. In the background of the picture, besides the tested human body, try to avoid too many high-heat objects (such as traffic, pedestrians, light bulbs, computers, running mechanical instruments and sunlight reflected by glass), and avoid installation in damp and easily drenched places.
3 Third, why does "calibration failure"? Why need warm up? As a precision instrument, manual calibration of thermal imager can only be carried out after preheating to reach thermal balance, otherwise, "calibration failed" will be prompted. That is, the balance between the equipment temperature and the surrounding environment will not change significantly.
The purpose of preheating is to avoid the measurement error caused by the change of the environment  temperature of the detector when the thermal imager is just turned on. During the preheating process of the equipment, please do not restart, cut off power, move, touch or blow the air directly, and wait patiently for the internal heat balance of the equipment. Generally, it takes about 30 minutes.
4 Fourth, why do you need  calibration  and  when need  calibrate? In actual use, the infrared body temperature measuring instrument will be affected by the on-site environmental temperature, humidity, the distance of the measured personnel, the internal heat balance of the temperature measuring product, etc. Correct temperature calibration will obtain higher temperature measurement accuracy, and temperature calibration is required in the following three situations:
When using the equipment for the first time;
When the temperature changes greatly;
When the deviation of temperature measurement results is large.
5 What is the difference between automatic calibration and manual calibration? What is bold? Automatic calibration is real-time calibration, and the bold temperature is used as the reference temperature for calibration. After the bold needs to be preheated and stabilized, it can be calibrated normally and measured accurately.
Manual calibration is based on the forehead temperature of human body as the reference temperature. After the equipment needs to be preheated and stabilized, it can be calibrated normally and measure the temperature accurately.
As a constant temperature source, bold is used as a standard reference for temperature measuring equipment, which is to make a benchmark compensation for the temperature measuring error and instability of the detector. Therefore, as long as the accuracy and stability of the temperature measuring camera meet the temperature measuring requirements, bold is not a decisive factor. In addition, using bold for temperature measurement will be more complicated in field installation and deployment, and more importantly, the measurement results will be completely affected by the quality of bold. Once the accuracy and stability of bold are not up to standard or bold fails, the temperature measuring equipment will not work normally, which greatly increases the risk points and failure probability.
6 What are the common reasons for false alarm ? 1) The calibration is not standard. If there is high temperature interference heat source or wind flow in the background during calibration, it is necessary to re-calibrate with reference to the calibration video steps;
2) There are many false alarm reason such as measuring temperature after strenuous exercise, sweating and exposure. If there is a temperature alarm, it is recommended that ask the tested person take a rest for five minutes and then use a thermometer for re-examination;
3) There are hot objects in the background of the picture that affect the temperature measurement results, resulting in false alarms, such as traffic flow, pedestrians, light bulbs, computers, running mechanical instruments, and sunlight reflected by glass.
7 Why do infrared images sometimes pause for 2~3 seconds?  Normally , the body temperature measuring equipment instrument will automatically adjust regularly according to the change of ambient temperature to offset the influence of the change on the accuracy of the detector. The process generally lasts for 2~3 seconds, and a "click" sound will be heard inside the instrument, and the normal detection state can be restored after waiting for a while. There will be a forced automatic adjustment when starting up, and the normal detection screen can be entered after completion.
8 Can the body temperature measuring instrument be used as a medical device? No really, the body temperature measuring instrument is not a medical body temperature measuring instrument. The highest temperature of human body is ranked as anus > armpit > mouth > ear temperature > forehead. Therefore, there is a certain deviation between the body temperature measured by the body temperature screening instrument and the thermometer, so it can only be used for large-scale investigation of human body temperature, and individuals whose body temperature is higher than that of normal people can be found out.
9 What kind of memory card does the body temperature measuring equipment support and how many photos can it store? Is it possible to export? The body temperature measuring instrument comes with a 16G memory card, which can store 100,000+photos and can support a maximum of 256G memory card. At present, it only supports pulling out the memory card and exporting it to the computer. In the future, there will be PC software, which can be directly connected to the equipment through the network cable, exported and saved.
10 Does the body temperature measuring equipment support video recording? Video recording is not supported.
14 What is the resolution of the body temperature screening machine? The visible light resolution is 1920*1080 with 2 million pixels, and the infrared light resolution is 160*120.
15 Why the temperature measurement shows measurement result  lower than 35 degrees sometimes? It is related to the temperature measuring distance and angle. Firstly, when the temperature measuring distance is more than 4 meters, the value of the heat radiated from human face to the detector will be lower than normal,  Secondly, the highest point of human facial temperature is at the nose root around the forehead and eyes. If there are no these parts in the picture during temperature measurement, the temperature measurement result will be lower than other place.
16 Is onvif access supported? Onvif access is supported by visible light, rtsp access is supported by infrared, but the alarm cannot be uploaded to NVR for the moment.

2 Complete PCB quick diagnosis instrument.

  Issue list Technical response
1 The duration of the software recording function on the client-end is limited to 30 seconds, so users cannot record for a long time according to the actual use requirements. Modify the video recording time limit of client software, and modify the video recording time to 1 hour.
2 After the host is lifted to be perpendicular to the base, the thermal imaging screen of the client software is reversed, which is inconvenient for the user to find the fault point of the plate according to the screen. Add a function button of picture rotation in the client software, the maximum rotation angle is 180, and the knob button interface layout. Rotate icon button reference UI.
3 The customer reported that there was no infrared thermal image in one quick diagnosis instrument. After testing, it was confirmed that there was no infrared thermal image and the appearance was not damaged, and returned to the factory for repair. After factory production inspection, it’s the inductor burned out, and it returns to normal after replacing the inductor
4 Image shows normal in visible light, and the setting is normal, but there is no image in infrared thermal camera. When the computer system is re-installed, there is still no image in infrared, Software version number: V01.01.03.24, firmware version number: PCB_V2.1.13
  1. Call the customer to find out the relevant fault phenomena;
  2. Obtain the client software version number and firmware version number used by the customer;
  3. After comparison, it is found that the software version is not up-to-date, and the latest version of the client software V01.01.03.25 is sent to customers for upgrading.
  4. After the upgrade, the fault has not been solved, so it is necessary to check the compatibility of the customer's computer operating system, antivirus software and application software. It is suggested that the customer try to replace the computer and install the software. After replacing the computer, the infrared image is normal, and the hardware fault of the quick diagnosis instrument is eliminated.
5 Feedback that the desktop computer with the client's software installed by the customer cannot be connected to the external network at the same time when it is connected to our pcb  fault diagnosis instrument. It is suggested that the PCB fault diagnosis instrument, the client PC and the external network cable should be connected to the same switch at the same time, and according to the external network IP address, the local IP address of the diagnosis instrument should be modified by using the IP modification tool to be in the same network segment as the external network IP, and relevant settings should be completed, so that the client software PC can be connected to the rapid diagnosis instrument and the external network at the same time.
6 The newly purchased equipment is set according to the operating instructions, and no image
  1. Confirm that the equipment is powered on successfully (within 30 seconds after the equipment is powered on, "Drips" will sound three times, and the power indicator will light up).
  2. Confirm that the computer local IP is set in the same network segment as the setting (the default network segment is 192.168.2.xx), and input the IP address through the client software to test whether the equipment can be connected (refer to the software manual for the method of setting the computer local IP).
  3. If the test connection of the equipment cannot be connected, it is necessary to check whether the hardware circuit is faulty or not, such as the computer, network cable and power cord of the equipment. If there is no fault, there may be the equipment failure, so it is necessary to contact the equipment seller for repair.
7 The infrared thermal image delay  when the computer screen is too large, which needs to be optimized and solved.
  1. Verify that the device firmware version is up to date.
Confirm that the software version is up to date.
LC_Neptune2_0181_B19_2.1.5.exe (version of Launch).
LC_Neptune2_0181_B19_2.1.6.exe (Laureii version).
  1. Confirm whether the computer configuration information meets the configuration of CPU i3 and memory above 2G or not . If not, it is recommended to replace the computer with higher performance.
  2. Confirm whether the computer has too many software opened at the same time or not, which causes the CPU running load of the computer to be too high. It is recommended to quit anti-virus software and some unnecessary running software to improve the CPU load of the computer.
8 Report this warning when configuring the network.
This prompt does not affect we use. If you want to use wireless internet and connect devices, you need to make the devices and wireless in the same network segment. When a computer uses multiple network cards at the same time, there will be this prompt, which needs to be set to the same network segment, and it is unnecessary to set up a gateway.

3 ND10 module

  Issue list Technical response
1 (Module) Coefficient of customer's external germanium glass. Normal process requires customers to send germanium glass to us for research and development, and then we research and develop germanium glass and module for temperature calibration, and at the same time calibrate the coefficient of germanium glass, which needs to be written into the module program when the module leaves the factory.
2 Can ND10 module set dual vision fusion? Not available, the module does not support fusion, but the whole machine does.
3 Can the firmware of the module and the whole machine be shared? The firmware of the whole machine can be used only by burning the flash into the whole machine.
4 Does ND10 module support sub-stream or main-stream? The module only supports sub-stream, and the resolution of visible light is 704*480, and the resolution of infrared is 640*480. Because sub-stream is pushed to the mobile phone, there is a limitation of bandwidth, and the image fluency will be better if the resolution is lower.
5 The ND10 module is set with automatic switching mode. Why is the visible light always black and white instead of colored? In automatic mode, the module can be automatically switched to color only by connecting a photosensitive resistor. In automatic mode, there are two conditions, one is the photosensitive sensor should sense illumination information to the module, and the other is the average illumination in the picture reaches the conversion condition.

4 TD100 machine

  Issue list Technical response
1 Germanium glass sheet specification Through 8~14um, the transmittance is 90%. The film layer is carbon film+anti-reflection film, and the thickness is 0.8 mm.
3 PTZ485 protocol Pelco-d/p is fine.
4 Day and night mode conversion. The ND10 machine can support manual and automatic conversion, and the module also supports the function of changing from day to night. However, it can be set automatically only by adding a photosensitive sensor and connecting the fill light with a photosensitive sensor. If it is not added, it can only be switched manually now.
4 Infrared video bandwidth range. 400k-4M
5 frame frequency The visible light frame frequency is adjustable from 30hz to 2hz, and the infrared frame frequency is not adjustable from 9Hz.
6 What is the average bandwidth of ND10 transmission? The default bandwidth of ND10 is 5M, and the device code stream size can be modified in the channel parameters in the web-page or client-side. When previewing images, you will see the average transmission bandwidth in the networking interface of the task manager of the directly connected computer. Visible light 4M+ thermal imaging 1M.
7 The visible light image is recorded on the external NVR of ND10, but the picture is blurred. Because thermal camera uses the main code stream, visible light uses the sub-code stream by default, and the resolution of the sub-code stream will be lower than that advertised, so the video resolution of visible light can be set to be raised.
8 There is no visible light or thermal  image display after logging in to the WEB client.
  1. PC browser should be updated to IE9 or above.
  2. Click the control button in the upper right corner of the WEB client page to install the control.
  3. Add the device IP to the compatibility IE browser in "tools"-> "compatibility view settings"-> "add this website" in IE
9 The ND10 WEB client cannot set the regional alarm output, which will not take effect after setting according to the manual.
  1. Assist the customer to log in to the WEB client remotely, enter into  "Parameter Settings"-"Alarm Settings"-"Abnormal Temperature Alarm Monitoring"-area select chose "Full Screen" cancel "Regional Alarm Enable", click "OK" to save, and click "Save Parameters" on the left side of the software.
  2. Enter this interface again,-select "Area 1" in the area selection-check "Area Alarm Enable" and click OK to save. At the same time, click "Store Parameters" on the left side of the software and check "Alarm Output" to select the channel.
  3. Most of the customer settings are invalid because "store parameters" is not clicked.
10 How to connect the equipment to the external network. (1) the equipment can be directly connected to the network port connected to the external network, or connected to the external network through switches and routers connected to the external network.
② If the switch and router are connected to the internal network, it is necessary to find IT personnel to set up port mapping to connect to the external network.
③ Add a 4G wireless module to the device, and the device sends the data to the 4G server, and then accesses the 4G server on another computer to obtain the data.
11 How to judge whether the equipment is connected to the external network or not. With the computer connected to the external network, you can search for equipment and ping.
12 How to display one device on multiple computers. Make sure that the devices and computers to be connected are in the same network segment, and connect the devices and computers through switches.
13 Does ND10 support onvif protocol ? Even support nvr? Our ND10 supports onvif and rtsp protocol access to NVR.
At present, the latest firmware version is dual channel and dual stream. However, at present, NVR of mainstream manufacturers in the market only supports single channel, so it is impossible to access thermal infrared and visible images at the same time, and alarm signals can be accessed by some manufacturers and models.
If you want to access NVR, it is recommended to access it by RTSP, but the alarm cannot be accessed.
14 RTSP address of ND10? Complete ND10 machine:
Visible light, main stream RTSP:// 354/0/88888: 88888/main visible light, sub-stream RTSP:// 354/0/88888: 888888.
15 Adding ND10 image through onvif with NVR of Hikvision can be displayed, but why didn't the alarm come up? Hikvison NVR uses private protocol to access alarm signal, so it is not compatible with ND40 and ND10 linkage alarm of our company.
16 Verify how much space is needed for ND10 data storage. The calculation formula is as follows:
17 Target size of infrared thermal imaging detector. The target surface size is 1920 x 1440 μ m.
18 The video suddenly became clear at a certain time. Due to the temperature difference, the picture is clear when the temperature difference is large (as shown in Figure 1), and blurred when the temperature difference is small (as shown in Figure 2), as shown in Figure 2:
19 When NVR logs in through Microsoft Edge browser, the device can be added successfully, but the preview fails. It can be previewed normally on IE browser. The video preview plug-in of IE browser is developed by us, while plug-ins of other browsers are not, so it is only compatible with IE browser at present, and Hikvision is equipment only supports IE browser.
20 Does the web side support modifying the login user? No, Our IMagineWorldClient client supports it.
21 Does onvif login name and password support modification? not support
22 What is the alarm mechanism after the alarm output is shorted to the ground wire? The normal state is 3.3V, the alarm is 0V, and the level is restored to 3.3V after the alarm is removed for 30 seconds.
23 Are the search and discovery functions of ND10 and ND20 devices discovered by multicast? It was discovered by multicast and broadcast.
24 Do ND10 and ND20 support intercom function? Both are supported, but a full-featured tail line is required.

5 TD200 machine

  Issue list Technical response
1 There will be reflected images on the screen facing the door, but not on other angles. Normal phenomenon, this is the glare effect of the lens. It is recommended to install it at a high place, which can be avoided when viewed from above.
2 Does ND20 have speakers and mic? No, but our external wiring has audio input and output interface. This function can be realized through external access.
3 ND20 reports an error when clicking intelligent analysis in sdk demo. Choose dual-channel access and delete the prog.bin file in sdk.
4 ND20 enter transparent serial port test. Click Send Data, and demo will flash back. Type of serial port needs to select RS485 to send hexadecimal data.
5 ND20 selects RS485 according to serial port type, and sends data in hexadecimal, with no return value. You can connect the 485 of the device to the serial port of the computer through the serial port of 485, and use the serial port debugging assistant tool of the computer to test, through Demo to send data, serial port tool to receive, serial port tool to send and demo to receive.

6 TD400 machine

  Issue list Technical response
1 After debugging the ND40 PTZ equipment, the camera is facing down, and the camera is facing to the sky the next day after power failure. In case of power failure, the PTZ has no torsion to fix its orientation, so it is affected by the wind. The equipment can be restored after being powered on. After being powered on, the PTZ has a torsion force to fix the orientation, which will not be affected by the wind.
2 After the PTZ is powered on, it will automatically turn to a place in almost 30 seconds. Just shut this place down.
3 How does the single IP ND41 PTZ control command interface with SDK development? Is it the same as the dual IP ND40? If the command is directly transmitted to control PTZ, the command of PTZ control protocol is the same.
4 Infrared  thermal camera SDK can't control PTZ The ND40 standard version infrared thermal camera movement is not connected with the 485 line of the PTZ, so the PTZ cannot be controlled. The PTZ can be controlled by Hikvision movement, or the PTZ can be controlled by adding the 485 line of the infrared movement and PTZ during .
5 PTZ accuracy and related parameters. The accuracy of our ND40 PTZ is 0.3 degrees, which is 30 when converted into numerical value. When the customer calls the relevant parameters, it cannot be less than 30, otherwise an error message will be report
6 Audio and audio output debugging steps. 1. audio input: play music through the mobile phone, then access the audio in of ND40 through the public-to-public audio cable, and play it on the Hikvision web page on the computer. 2. Audio output: Play music on the computer, and connect headphones on the audio out of the equipment, and you can hear the music on the computer. 3. It is not supported to directly input music from audio in and then play it on audio out.
7 These two parameters of the PTZ control interface.
* @param[in] type pan/tilt control code PTZCtrlCode.
* @param[in] value control parameter [1,10].
Enumeration values of PTZ control codes are shown in the figure below, and control parameters [1,10] represent the rotation speed of PTZ .

7 TD600 machine

  Issue list Technical response
1 What is the temperature measuring distance between thermal infrared and visible light?  visible light and infrared are all  >0.25m ..
2 What is the visual field angle of ND60 visible light? 75°*42°
3 Does ND60' s immunity to conducted disturbance induced by RF field meet the requirements of Grade 3 in GB/T 17626.6-2008? At present, the immunity has not been officially tested. ND60 is changed to id on PCB rapid diagnostic instrument, and PCB rapid diagnostic instrument is tested to Level 2.
4 What is the focusing distance when the equipment leaves the factory? 25cm
5 What is the focal length of the visible light lens? 3.6mm

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