Dual-vision AI thermal imaging, leading the new security: Laureii debuts at the 2021 Beijing EBC Annual Summit

Jun 12, 2019

Dual-vision AI thermal imaging, leading the new security: Laureii debuts at the 2021 Beijing EBC Annual Summit
On September 25-26, the 3rd Annual Summit of China Security Engineers and Integrators (EBC Annual Summit) was successfully held in Beijing. Influential experts and scholars in the industry gathered to discuss the development trend of the security industry.As an innovator in the field of intelligent security, Laureii was invited to attend this conference and shared the theme of "Dual-view AI Thermal Imaging, Leading New Security", showing the latest achievements and results also the application of dual-view infrared thermal imaging to the audience.

1.New fire protection monitoring program, the forum site attracts attention
At the meeting, Ms. Yang, the marketing manager of Laureii, mentioned that traditional visible light monitoring equipment is affected by the external environment, unable to achieve all-weather monitoring, and does not have the temperature detection function, which can no longer meet the diverse monitoring needs of communities, warehouses and other places.
Laureii delivered a speech,To solve this pain point, based on dual-view infrared thermal imaging cameras and AI intelligent algorithms, Laureii has launched a dual-view infrared fire protection monitoring solution that integrates real-time temperature measurement, intrusion recognition, and intelligent early warning. Uninterrupted high-definition visible light video monitoring and high-precision temperature monitoring of the scene, active warning of security and fire-fighting hazards, convenient for the responsible person to deal with it in time, preventing illegal intrusion, fire and other accidents, and guarding the safety of communities, industrial parks, warehouses and other scenes.Examples of application scenarios of Laureii Smart Imaging dual-view infrared products.

2.Infrared products were all unveiled, and audiences frequently stopped
Deeply cultivating infrared thermal imaging technology for many years, Laureii has launched a number of series of intelligent infrared products to serve all walks of life. On the first day of the launch, the Laureii booth was full of popularity, especially the dual-vision infrared series with leading functions such as dual-light monitoring, accurate temperature measurement, and AI diagnosis. It attracted many guests to stop for experience and consultation.Laureii booth is favored,Laureii Dual-view infrared thermal imaging series products.
At present, relevant companies in the security industry are using innovation as the driving force to jointly promote the upgrading of digital intelligence in the security industry. In the future, Laureii will continue to be user-oriented, deep research infrared technology, continuous breakthroughs and innovations, and provide customers with better quality Infrared products help the intelligent transformation of the security industry.

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