Case Sharing|ShortCam is in hand, the motherboard detection is easy!

Dec 20, 2019

Case Sharing|ShortCam is in hand, the motherboard detection is easy!
Since PCB Infrared Diagnosis Instrument ShortCam was launched,Has won the attention and recognition of many mobile phone repairers,But there are also some friends who can’t help but wonder:So many functions,Will the operation be very complicated?
The original intention of Laureii to design the rapid diagnosis instrument,It is to improve the efficiency and accuracy of motherboard failure detection.Now, we pass a real repair case,Verify the ease of use of ShortCam.
step 1.Leakage found
After receiving an iPhone that cannot be turned on, after removing the motherboard, use an ammeter to measure the leakage current of 80mA.
step 2.Detection of leakage area
Put the power-on motherboard on the ShortCam base, check the temperature distribution diagram of the software interface, and preliminary judge that the leakage area is the USB module
step 3.Confirm the faulty component
Switch to the visible light screen, combined with the "high temperature tracking" function of the  Infrared Diagnosis Instrument, to more clearly see that the abnormally high temperature component is a USB module.
step 4.Maintain
Place the main board under the microscope, remove and replace the faulty component.
step 5.Inspection of leakage repair
Connect the voltage to the main board with a DC power meter, and it is found that there is no leakage.
Step 6.Test current
Power on the motherboard, the current returns to normal, and the motherboard temperature under the ShortCam infrared lens also returns to normal.
Step 7.Assemble the phone
Install the motherboard and screen, the phone is turned on normally, and the fault kills successfully !

Laureii ShortCam, with one-click quick search and high temperature tracking stunts, and it is so simple and easy to use, are you excited ?

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