The "secret weapon" that infrared thermal products empower all industries is unveiled

Jan 05, 2019

At present, infrared thermal imaging technology has unlocked many applications in the civilian market. Abundant market demand accelerates the optimization and upgrade of infrared equipment. As the core component of infrared equipment, the movement determines the performance level and application effect of infrared products.
How to create an infrared temperature measurement product with excellent performance and strong landing ability? Movement selection is the key!With the advantages of precise temperature measurement, intelligent warning, stability and reliability, and easy integration, Laureii Smart Imaging infrared movement series products have become a popular choice for integrator and have been widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical, electric power and other scenes.

Small body, create the ultimate effect
1.The image is clear and the field of view is better
The infrared resolution of the Laureii smart image movement product is 640×512, and the DDE image enhancement algorithm is applied at the same time, the outline is clearer, the image quality is more delicate, and the target recognition is more obviou

2.Wide range of high-precision temperature measurement, wider application
The Laureii Smart Imaging infrared movement can achieve a thermal sensitivity of 50mK and a temperature measurement accuracy of ±2% of the measured value, which effectively meets the needs of high-precision industrial temperature measurement. In addition, it supports accurate temperature measurement in a wide range from -20°C to +550°C, with more diverse application scenarios.The temperature measurement result of the Laureii movement to 100℃ black body is 99.1℃.The error is only 0.9℃.

3.Intelligent early warning to meet the needs of security and fire protection
Laureii infrared movement has built-in intelligent analysis and diagnosis algorithms such as temperature and regional intrusion, which can automatically warn of over-temperature, abnormal temperature rise, intrusion, etc., to meet the dual needs of fire prevention and theft in important places, and help security system integrator and their users. "Quality Manufacturing" and "Intelligent Manufacturing" Transformation.Over-temperature warning.

4.Stable operation and strong expansibility
The movement interface is a key factor that affects the stability of the monitoring product. The infrared movement of Laureii adopts a special interface for shockproof, which is not afraid of bumps, and is suitable for drones, inspection robots, etc.

(1)Anti-vibration dedicated interface, the wiring is more stable.
The infrared camera core of Laureii is small but rich in interfaces. It can be integrated into dual-vision pan/tilt, infrared security camera, explosion-proof infrared camera, high temperature infrared thermometer and other equipment. Windows and Linux software are available. The development kit makes system integration and secondary development easier. The product has rich expansibility, which can meet the needs of customers for customization, expansion and flexible docking of multiple platforms.
(2)Empowering multiple scenes, the effect is obvious
The movement series of Laureii can monitor the temperature of important equipment in power, iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical, rail transit and other scenarios, and can also be used in search and rescue, forest fire prevention, warehouse monitoring and other fields.

Application case 1: Power industrial monitoring
Application value: temperature measurement of power cables and equipment, fast locking of thermal defects, and ensuring stable and safe power supply
Application case 2: Monitoring of non-smoking places
Application value: Through intelligent algorithms, long-distance smoking detection and fire point and fire identification, timely warning, and extinguishing the fire in the bud
Application case 3: Petrochemical applications
Application value: timely detection of hidden dangers such as equipment over-temperature, pipeline leakage, equipment aging, etc., to effectively prevent accidents and reduce energy consumption. As the application scenarios of infrared devices become more abundant, the industry has higher and higher requirements for the performance of movement products. Laureii will continue to innovate, empower all industries with leading infrared technology, create high-quality infrared products, and create greater value for partners.

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