Accurately locate high temperature hidden dangers|Laureii infrared thermal imaging camera used in substation

Mar 08, 2019

Accurately locate high temperature hidden dangers|Laureii infrared thermal imaging camera used in substation
Application background
There are a large number of complex power equipment in the substation, and the equipment prone to high temperature defects in long-term high-load operation. Failure to handle it in time may cause equipment failure or even fire. Therefore, real-time temperature monitoring of substation equipment is essential.
Scene pain points
Operation and maintenance personnel regularly use portable infrared cameras to measure the temperature of key equipment, which is a routine inspection method for substations. This method has pain points such as easy missed detection, high labor intensity, chaotic data management, and failure to warn of failures. In order to ensure the safety of equipment operation, substations need real-time, efficient and accurate monitoring methods.
Products Recommended
The TD200 high-definition thermal imaging dual-optical monitor of Laureii can provide a powerful boost for the monitoring of power equipment.The product has a built-in high-definition visible light and high-resolution infrared movement, which can monitor the temperature and appearance of the equipment around the clock, and the image is clear, which is convenient for users to accurately locate high temperature hazards. At the same time, it supports over-temperature intelligent diagnosis and early warning to escort the smooth and safe operation of the equipment.
1.Safety:Non-contact temperature measurement, long-distance non-destructive testing equipment for thermal defects
2.Efficient:Automatic warning of hidden dangers of high temperature, convenient for the first time disposal.
3.Precise:High-definition infrared images help to locate faults quickly and accurately.
4.Easy to backtrack:Automatically generate temperature data reports and support historical data query
5.Monitoring equipment
6.Isolating switch:Isolating switch joints and knife-edge heating phenomenon frequently occurs, and some equipment may exceed the specified value when the temperature rise is 60% of the rated load. The high temperature of the contact point may cause partial welding, resulting in equipment damage or even power outage. Therefore, the online monitoring of the temperature of the isolating switch is of great significance.
7.Voltage transformer:Excessive line voltage, loose internal and external joints, etc. can easily cause the voltage transformer to overheat and cause malfunctions. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the temperature of the voltage transformer.
8.breaker:The circuit breaker is an important switch device in the power system, and it is responsible for the dual tasks of controlling and protecting the circuit, and its operating status needs to be key monitored.
9.other devices:In addition to the above equipment, primary equipment such as main transformers, arresters, bus bars, capacitors, and reactors in substations are also the main targets of temperature monitoring.

As a key part of the power transmission system, the substation needs to be safe and stable in operation. The High-definition thermal imaging dual light camera TD200 of Laureii has the advantages of dual-light monitoring, high-definition infrared, and intelligent early warning. It is an ideal choice for online monitoring of substations.

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