Identify fire hazards in seconds! Laureii' s integrated solution for security and consumption continues to increase safety and security

Sep 15, 2019

Identify fire hazards in seconds! Laureii' s integrated solution for security and consumption continues to increase safety and security
With the accelerated development of the Internet of Things technology, it is the general trend to build a "big safety, big emergency, and big disaster reduction" system, combining security and fire protection.As an innovator of infrared thermal imaging technology, Laureii is actively deploying firefighting business. Based on the concept of integrated security, it comprehensively applies infrared thermal imaging, big data, video surveillance and other technical means, and proposes the integration of infrared thermal imaging smart security. The solution provides auxiliary decision-making support for fire prevention and emergency handling, realizing timely early warning beforehand, linkage disposal in time, and efficient retrospective afterwards, improving the safety management efficiency of buildings, communities, and factories.

system structure
Smart fire prevention, timely warning:The traditional fire monitoring system is restricted by light and weather conditions, and cannot achieve 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, and can only alarm during the smoke phase or even the open flame phase, which has limited effect in preventing fires. In addition, smoking in non-smoking areas has been repeatedly banned, and there is a lack of intelligent monitoring methods.
The Laureii intelligent security integrated system adopts dual-vision infrared thermal imaging monitor, which is visible day and night, not affected by light and harsh weather, and truly monitors all-weather. At the same time, the system has built-in leading over-temperature and abnormal temperature rise diagnosis algorithms, which can monitor abnormal temperature rise before the fire occurs, and can perform remote smoking detection and fire point and fire identification, timely warning, and eliminate the fire in the bud state.
Flame identification and alarm
Smoking test
Combination of prevention and control, efficient linkage disposal:In order to strengthen the security line of defense and improve the ability of fire risk prevention and control, the construction of integrated security and safety intelligent IoT is indispensable. The Laureii intelligent imaging monitoring system can be linked with sound and light alarm devices, fire extinguishing devices, cooling devices, etc., to timely deal with hidden fire hazards, combine prevention and control, and respond quickly to minimize losses.
Linked sound and light alarm
Automatic report generation, easy to trace back
The daily inspection of the traditional fire protection system relies on paper file registration, which is inconvenient to find and prone to errors and omissions. The Laureii Intelligent Image Monitoring System records the temperature changes of the monitoring scene in real time, and automatically generates statistical reports, supports the query of historical temperature data and alarm records, and facilitates retrospection afterwards.
Data center and alarm center
Related products and application scenarios:The dual-view infrared thermal imaging monitor TD100 equipped with the plan has functions such as dual-light monitoring, over-temperature alarm, intrusion detection, etc., which can provide powerful assistance for the safety and fire warning of communities, industrial parks, schools, warehouses, etc.
Dual-view infrared thermal imaging monitor TD100:In the context of the continuous innovation of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies, the construction of the future fire protection system will inevitably develop in a more complete and smarter direction. Laureii will follow the industry trend of the integration of security and fire protection, based on innovation, apply its own technical strength, and contribute to the cause of fire protection.

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