IIT ShortCam II

ShortCam II is a speed diagnostic instrument designed for motherboard repairing of smart phone and computer, with advanced infrared imaging technology. This product can detect the faulty components which lead to short circuit and leakage of the PCBA quickly. Mean -while, it can check out the cause of minor leakage, that can’t be found out by traditional methods, like rosin and electric burning method. ShortCam II can reduce the difficulty and improve the efficiency of PCBA troubleshooting greatly, by accurate locating and “One-Click Instant Diagnosis” function.  

IIT Shortcam

AD11 is an efficient detection instrument for intelligent diagnosis of PCB faults by using cloud service and thermal imaging technology. Through PC-terminal software, dual-spectrum interweaving positioning technology and intelligent dual-vision fusion algorithm are utilized to display the operating temperature data of each chip, resistance and capacitor of the tested motherboard in real time, which helps users to instantly judge the current leakaging state of the motherboard.

Portable thermal imager P3

P3 series are an entry-level portable infrared detection tool. The product adopts handheld design, which is compact and can be carried around in the pocket. The temperature measurement function of the product is complete, with a 3.5-inch large screen and a large viewing angle of 57°×44.3°, it is convenient for users to observe the details of thermal images.

Hand-held temperature screening instrument AS10H

AS10H adopts integrated design, which does not need back-end and network, and is ready to use without maintenance. The product is small and portable, flexible in erection, accurate in temperature measurement, supports over-temperature sound and light alarm, and meets the need of temperature screening.  

Networking thermal imaging core MS12

The thermal core outputs high-quality thermal imaging video stream, and supports full-screen temperature measurement and regional temperature measurement. It has built-in intelligent algorithms which are easy for second integration, such as over-temperature diagnosis, regional invasion and cross-line alarm, palette switch through RS485 port, etc.

Micro infrared thermal imaging usb interface module M03

M03 is a complete infrared thermal imaging module, which includes thermal imaging detector, lens, baffle, image processing circuit and other components. It has the function of temperature measurement, adopts a single USB interface for transmission and control, and is easy to integrate.