Application Sharing | 24H Steel Production Safety Guardian

Sep 15, 2020

Application Sharing | 24H Steel Production Safety Guardian
On the evening of August 9, Hebei Tangshan Ruifeng Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., a blast furnace top caught fire. It is reported that the top pressure of the company's No. 1 blast furnace increased abnormally that night. The person in charge of the site implemented an emergency wind break according to the emergency plan, opened the top of the furnace to release, and the high-pressure gas in the furnace gushed and burned. At about 21:50, the top gas flame was extinguished. . There were no secondary disasters and no casualties during the emergency response process. Experts are being organized to investigate and analyze the specific causes of the abnormal pressure on the top of the blast furnace.
In steel production, due to long-term high temperature, mechanical erosion and chemical erosion, the refractory lining of the bottom of the blast furnace, furnace wall, hot blast pipe, etc. may appear cracks, partially peeling off and thinning, which will bring huge security risks to the entire smelting process. Therefore, the prevention of blast furnace explosion accidents must be based on prevention and eliminate hidden dangers in the bud.Lack of effective early warning methods in steel production operations, unable to detect potential safety hazards in time, leading to unexpected accidents.
The defective areas of the lining of the blast furnace are often accompanied by abnormally high temperatures. Infrared thermal imaging camera can monitor the temperature of the blast furnace wall and the air supply branch pipe and visualize the temperature information, helping the operation and maintenance personnel to analyze and predict the distribution of damage to the lining, so as to arrange a reasonable maintenance plan and improve the service life of the blast furnace.
Laureii Iron and Steel Metallurgical Infrared Online Monitoring Solution, with online dual-view infrared thermal imaging camera as the core, through non-contact temperature measurement, real-time monitoring of the surface temperature of blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, hot blast pipes, torpedo tankers and other production equipment, intelligent early warning of over-temperature, abnormal temperature rise, etc., to help users find hidden dangers in time, reduce the risk of accidents such as explosions, and improve production efficiency.At the same time, the system is equipped with an industrial-grade host, which has high reliability and can adapt to harsh environments such as dust, vibration, and high temperature. It can realize 7*24H stable operation and ensure safety all-weather.
Iron and steel metallurgy is a high-risk industry and requires high environmental adaptability and reliability of on-site monitoring equipment. Laureii high-definition thermal imaging dual-light camera, with a working temperature range of -40°C to +70°C, can be well adapted to the temperature environment in industrial scenes. At the same time, the product uses high-resolution infrared detectors, combined with intelligent image processing technology, the image is clear, which is convenient for users to accurately locate the hidden dangers of the equipment
In addition to the preventive maintenance of production equipment, the Laureii infrared online monitoring system can also be applied to the effective control of the temperature of the steel production process, the temperature monitoring of electrical equipment, the perimeter safety precautions and other fields.
Safety is the lifeline for the development of iron and steel enterprises. In the future, Laureii will continue to utilize its technological advantages and contribute infrared technology to the safe production of the steel and metallurgical industry.

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