Coal Industry Thermal Temperature Alarm Solution

Nov 11, 2021

Coal is a typical high-risk industry. The underground coal mining and transportation system is complicated, and there are flammable and explosive materials such as gas and coal dust. High temperature is easy to cause accidents. Real-time and accurate temperature monitoring of the mine production area is of great significance for ensuring the safety of mine production.

LAUREII thermal imaging temperature measurement and early warning solution for the coal industry can perform real-time temperature monitoring of coal conveying systems, electromechanical equipment and underground environments, and automatically alarm when over-temperature. It can effectively prevent further expansion of high-temperature hazards and prevent equipment failures and mine fires. Prevent spontaneous combustion of coal piles and reduce the workload of manual inspections.

System Strengths

1.24/7 Monitoring, Safe and Sound:
Using high-definition optical + high-precision thermal imaging dual vision monitoring, guarding safety all-round.
2.Accurate Monitoring, Stable and Reliable:
Through non-contact temperature measurement, real-time monitoring of the temperature of coal conveying belts, electromechanical chambers, underground roadways, etc., with a temperature measurement accuracy of ±2°C, and supports multi-area temperature measurement.
3.Intelligent Diagnosis and Alarm:Through intelligent analysis and diagnosis algorithms, early warning of thermal defects of important equipment is provided to escort the safe production of coal mines.
4.Support hierarchical alarm:The system collects temperature data in real time to generate intuitive images and curves, supports hierarchical alarms (first level is primary alarm, second level is warning alarm, and level three is directly linked to PLC control cabinet shutdown), eliminating manpower troubleshooting, and fighting for valuables for emergency fire rescue time.