The IIT ShortCam is an efficient diagnostic tool that utilizes cloud services and thermal imaging technology for intelligent diagnosis of PCBA faults. Through the ShortCam diagnostic software on the PC, it utilizes dual-spectrum interleaved positioning technology and intelligent dual-spectrum fusion algorithms to display real-time temperature data of various chips, resistors, and capacitors on the tested motherboard. This assists users in instantly determining the operating status of the motherboard.

ShortCam II

The IIT ShortCam II is an infrared thermal imaging diagnostic tool designed specifically for mobile phone motherboard repairs. It allows for quick identification of short circuits and faulty components causing leakage. Additionally, it can detect minute leakage faults that traditional methods like rosin detection and electric burning cannot detect. With precise positioning and rapid leakage detection, it greatly enhances PCBA repair efficiency and reduces testing complexity.  

ShortCam Lite

Introducing ShortCam Lite PCB Diagnostic Tool – the ultimate infrared thermal imaging detection tool designed specifically for mobile phone motherboard repairs. It swiftly identifies short circuits and electrical leakage in PCBA components, offering multi-OS compatibility. Remove all the inefficiencies and complexities of traditional leakage detection.