The IIT ShortCam is an efficient diagnostic tool that utilizes cloud services and thermal imaging technology for intelligent diagnosis of PCBA faults. Through the ShortCam diagnostic software on the PC, it utilizes dual-spectrum interleaved positioning technology and intelligent dual-spectrum fusion algorithms to display real-time temperature data of various chips, resistors, and capacitors on the tested motherboard. This assists users in instantly determining the operating status of the motherboard.

High-end design with powerful performance

The diagnostic tool boasts a full metal body, crafted through precision cutting and enhanced with aluminum alloy anodizing technology. This ensures excellent heat dissipation and EMC performance, while preventing any paint peeling from the body

Industrial-grade sensors capture even the smallest details

Featuring a high-end sensor from SONY's industrial-grade lineup, it ensures precise and clear display of every frame

Exquisite craftsmanship for accurate detection

With meticulous and complex production processes, each diagnostic tool guarantees a fusion error of less than 0.05mm, ensuring precise and reliable results

Wide temperature measurement range for real-time monitoring of soldering temperatures

The diagnostic tool provides real-time monitoring of temperatures from soldering irons and hot air guns, ensuring visible and controllable temperature levels throughout the repair process

Visible light temperature measurement

Enables a direct representation of faulty devices by displaying high-temperature components in visible light images


Cell phone motherboard repair

Computer Motherboard Repair

Smartwatch Repair

Hard Disk Data Recovery


Category Specification
Thermal   Camera
Resolution   160x 120
Spectral range   8-14 um
FOV    57°×44°
Visible   Camera
Resolution   1920 x 1080
Interface and display functions   
display mode    Visible light imaging/infrared thermal imaging/bi-spectrum fusion imaging
video output    RJ45
Image storage format   JPEG
Video storage format    MP4
physical specification
Bracket size    181mm×180mm×170mm
weight  1.1kg(With stand base)
installation    Removable for installation
Input Power Voltage  12V DC
power consumption    ≤3W
operating environment
Storage temperature range   -20℃~60℃
Operating temperature range    0℃~50℃
Operating humidity     90% relative humidity
Temperature Measurement Performance     
Function      Full-range temperature measurement
Distance     12.5cm
Accuracy    ±5℃or±5%
Temperature range    0℃~400℃