ShortCam II

The IIT ShortCam II is an infrared thermal imaging diagnostic tool designed specifically for mobile phone motherboard repairs. It allows for quick identification of short circuits and faulty components causing leakage. Additionally, it can detect minute leakage faults that traditional methods like rosin detection and electric burning cannot detect. With precise positioning and rapid leakage detection, it greatly enhances PCBA repair efficiency and reduces testing complexity.

Ultra-high resolution, clearer details

Visible light increased to 4MP
Infrared resolution increased to 256*192

Precise positioning with visible light, no escape for leakage points

Quick and accurate positioning of high-temperature devices
Real-time high-definition display of faulty devices

Zoom in on details for quick and precise searching

Magnify motherboard details for thorough examination,Locate even the tiniest electronic components

Revolutionary foldable design for convenient storage and assembly

Stylish appearance, ultra-compact size, greatly enhanced portability

Complete interface upgrade for more convenient operation

Equipped with a Type-C interface, ready for use after program installation

"One Click Quick Diagnosis" feature

Instantly detect leakage with one click.Visual representation of component temperature values, precisely locating 4mA micro-leakage defects


Cell phone motherboard repair

Computer Motherboard Repair

Smartwatch Repair

Hard Disk Data Recovery


Category Specification
 Thermal camera Resolution 256*192
Pixel size 12μm
Wavelength range 8-14μm
Field of view 25°*18°
Visual camera Resolution 2568H*1448V
Interface and display Display Mode Visual / Partial fusion / Quick check
Interface Type-C
Image display format JPEG
Video Storage Format MP4
Function Application Features One-click instant diagnosis,high and low temperature tracking,regional temperature measurement, partially zoom,comparative analysis, capture, record
Temperature measurement performance Measurement function Global temperature measurement
Measurement distance 13cm
Measurement accuracy ±5℃或±5%(Take the maximum value)
Measurement range -20℃~550℃
General Specs Dimension 48mm*48mm*154mm
Output voltage/power consumption 5V DC/2.5W
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Working Environment 3℃~45℃