Networking thermal imaging core MS12

The thermal core outputs high-quality thermal imaging video stream, and supports full-screen temperature measurement and regional temperature measurement. It has built-in intelligent algorithms which are easy for second integration, such as over-temperature diagnosis, regional invasion and cross-line alarm, palette switch through RS485 port, etc.
Front-end temperature measurement
Independence from back-end servers to reduce server pressure;  

Accurate temperature measurement
Support multi-area temperature measurement;

Adapt to multiple scenarios
Early warning types and thresholds are flexibly set to adapt to various scenarios;    

Small size
Multi-interfaces are easy for integration;

Adapt to the environment
Adaptable to industrial working temperature environment;    

The image is clearer
Image enhancement algorithm based on DDE makes the image much clearer.

HTTP RESFUL SDK is available.    
Thermal resolution 384×288/640×512
Thermal camera response waveband 8-14μm
The infrared thermal sensitivity 50mk
NETD ≤50mK(@25℃,F#=1.0)
Thermal camera FOV resolution 384×288, focal length 25mm: 14.9° × 11.2°;Focal length 19mm: 19.5° × 14.7°;Focal length 13mm: 28.1° × 21.3°
Resolution 640×512, focal length 25mm: 20.3° × 16.3°; Focal length 19mm: 26.6° × 21.4°; Focal length 13mm: 38° × 30.8°
Palette There are 18 types, such as iron red, rainbow, white heat and black heat
Alarm interface  1 input, 1 output  
Communication interface 10M/100M/1000M adaptive Ethernet, 1 port supports RS485 and RS232  
Video Output 1 channel analog video output  
Storage interface supports TF card  Maximum 128G
Video compression standard H.264/H.265
Temperature measurement range and precision -20℃~+550℃;  
the precision is ±2℃ or ±2% of reading (take the maximum value)
Temperature measurement types support point temperature measurement, line temperature measurement, area temperature measurement,shielding temperature measurement and other temperature measurement methods
Abnormal temperature alarm higher than the highest temperature/lower than the lowest temperature/within/beyond
Intelligent fire alarm, tripwire, trespass, intrusion alarm
Secondary development SDK and user manual
Working environment Ambient temperature -40℃~+70℃; humidity 5%~95%  (non-condensation )
Power supply DC6-24V(normally 12V)
Power consumption <3W
Size Thermal resolution 384×288,the size is 44.45mm×44.45mm×70.90mm;thermal resolution 640×512,the size is 44.45mm×44.45mm×79.00mm
≤200g(difference wight with different lens)