Micro infrared thermal imaging usb interface module M03

M03 is a complete infrared thermal imaging module, which includes thermal imaging detector, lens, baffle, image processing circuit and other components. It has the function of temperature measurement, adopts a single USB interface for transmission and control, and is easy to integrate.



The infrared thermal resolution 160×120
Thermal camera response waveband 8-14μm
NETD ≤50mK(@25℃,F#=1.0)
Frame rate  9Hz
Thermal camera FOV 57°×42.3°
Palette iron red, rainbow, white heat and black heat
Temperature measurement range and precision temperature measurement range: 0℃~150℃;temperature measurement precision: ±3℃ or ±3% of reading (take the maximum value) ;
temperature measurement range:-20℃~0℃,the temperature measurement precision :±5℃
Temperature measurement methods temperature measurement at center point
Temperature measurement response time 150ms
Advanced function of temperature measurement automatic tracking of hot point and cold point (customized)
Interface USB
Startup time < 500ms
Working environment temperature is 0℃~+45℃ <br> humidity is 0% ~90% (0 ℃~37°C); 0%~ 65% (37 ℃~ 45°C)
Power supply +3.0V/±2%
Input current 150mA/+5%
Power consumption 750mW
the peak power consumption 1600mW
Secondary development support the SDK docking development of Android, Win and Linux platforms