Mini Dual Vision Thermal Networking Cameras TD600

Mini&Flexible  Accurate&Efficient
Laureii mini dual vision thermal imaging camera TD600 is a product specially designed for real-time monitoring of the temperature in the cabinet at close range. It has a built-in HD visible camera and a thermal imaging sensor, realizes 24H online monitoring through non-contact accurate temperature measurement technology. It supports over-temperature and intrusion alarm, and has other functions. Small and compact design for flexible deployment, the closest detection distance is 10cm. And it is widely used in switch cabinets, power distribution cabinets, control cabinets and other cabinets.
Strong Anti-interference Ability, Safe and Reliable
Full metal housing, anti-electromagnetic interference, high strength, good stability, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance;

HD Image, Rich Details
With HyPix display technology, it can generate 640×480 resolution thermal images, realizing richer details at a low cost;

Dual Vision Image Fusion, Quick Check of Potential Dangers
Optical+thermal image fusion, it can quickly and accurately locate high temperature potential dangers;

Flexible Monitoring, Automatic Warning
Support point, line, area and full screen measurement modes. Support over-temperature, fire point & intensity and invasion alarm;

Accurate Temperature Measurement in the Pitch Dark Environment
Built-in IR illumination function can still generate clear image in the cabinet pitch dark environment, and the actual measurement accuracy is better than ±2℃.

Category Spec

Thermal imaging movement
Resolution/pixel size 160×120/12μm
Response band 8-14μm
Noise equivalent temperature difference ≤50mK (@25℃,F#1.0)
Minimum focus distance 10cm
Field of view 57°×44°
Color palette 18 kinds of white hot, black hot, iron red, etc.

Visible light movement
sensor 1/2.9 inch high performance CMOS
Resolution 1920×1080
Low illumination Color: 0.01 Lux @(F1.5);
Black and white: 0.001 Lux @(F1.5, 0 Lux with IR)
Fill light function support

The internet
Network protocol ICMP, TCP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, DHCP, PPPOE, UPNP, DDNS, ONVIF, etc.
Video compression standard H.264/H.265

Temperature range -10℃~+450℃
Accurate temperature measurement ±2°C or ±2% of reading (whichever is the maximum value)*
Temperature measurement type Support point temperature measurement, line temperature measurement, area temperature measurement, shielded temperature measurement and other methods, parameters can be individually configured
Abnormal temperature alarm Alarm threshold can be set, support higher than the highest temperature/lower than the lowest temperature/between/outside alarm, support temperature rise alarm, regional temperature comparison
Image fusion Support multiple fusion modes of visible light and infrared (fusion/full color/HD/HD fusion)
Smart function Fire ignition alarm, foreign matter intrusion alarm, trip wire, area entry, area exit alarm
system integration Communication Interface 10M/100M adaptive

General specification
working environment -10°~+60°C; humidity ≤95%, no condensation
Input voltage/power consumption DC12V;≤5W
size and weight 92mm×88mm×38mm;340g
*Test data obtained under normal temperature in the laboratory