Dual Vision Thermal Networking Cameras TD100C TD110

Flexible Deployment, Cost-Effective
Laureii dual vision thermal imaging camera TD100C/TD110 are a flexible deployment of security and temperature measurement integrated products, which can upload image and temperature information to the back-end multi-system management platform to meet various monitoring requirements of indoor and outdoor unattended environment. They are widely applicable to scenarios such as electricity, petroleum, petrochemical and metallurgy industries, etc., and can also be applied to various fire-fighting sites.


Functions and Characteristics

HD Image, Rich Details:
With HyPix display technology, it can generate 640×480 display resolution thermal images, realizing richer details at a low cost.    

Dual Vision Image Fusion, Quick Check of Potential Dangers:
Optical+thermal image fusion, it can quickly and accurately locate high temperature potential dangers.

Multi-area Temperature Measurement, Flexible Monitoring:
Support point, line, area and full screen measurement modes, important monitoring areas can be easily set.  
Automatic Warning, Fire-proof and Anti-theft:
Support over-temperature, fire point & intensity and invasion alarm, timely detection of fire and cross-border invasion.

Front-end Intelligence, Easy Integration:
Intelligent analysis can be performed on the device end, reducing the pressure on the server end. Easy integration and cost-effective.    

Application Scenarios
The product can be used for warehouse fire prevention, charging pile fire prevention, power monitoring, safe campus and industrial production, etc.Fire protection of electromobile garage monitoring, security protection of the warehouse and cable tunnel monitoring.

Model TD100C TD110
Thermal Camera Resolution/Pixel Size 160×120/12μm
NETD ≤50mK (@25℃, F#1.0)
FOV 57°×44°
Palette 18 color palettes and fusion with visible
Visual Camera Sensor 1/2.9 inches CMOS
Resolution 2 MP 4 MP
IR Illumination Support
Network Network Protocol ICMP,TCP,UDP,RTP,RTSP,DHCP,PPPOE,UPNP,DDNS,ONVIF and GB/T 28181 etc..
Video Compression  H.264/H.265
Image Maximum Image Size 1920×1080@30fps(Visual)
Functions Temperature Range -10℃~+450℃
Temperature Accuracy Observation Type(±5℃ or ±5%*, whichever is greater)
Measurement Modes Support point, line, area, full screen and shield measurement modes, above modes can be set independently.
Temperature Alerts 4 temperature rules (above high, below low, in between, out of range), and support area temperature comparison.
Image Fusion Support 4 image fusion modes (Fusion, FullColorIR, UltraIR and Ultra Fusion)
Smart Functions Fire point & intensity, line crossing, area entrance & exiting alarm
System Integration Audio Interface 1 channel input/1 channel output
Communication Interface RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive; RS485
Alarm Interface 1 channel input/1 channel output
General IP Rating IP67 IP66
Working Ambient Working temperature -20℃~70℃;
Working humidity ≤95% non-condensation
Power Supply/Consumption DC12V,≤5W
Dimension/Weight 245×101×81mm,≤1kg 207×100×94mm,≤1kg
*Test data obtained under normal temperature in the laboratory

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