Explosion-proof dual-vision infrared thermal camera ND55

The product can monitor importance equipment in petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, chemical and other industries in real time with 24H uninterrupted HD dual-light in real time with accurate temperature measurement; in addition, it can provide early warning on hidden dangers such as over-temperature, leakage and personnel invasion in time, thus building a solid safety barrier for high-risk industries.

Explosion-proof Dual-vision Infrared Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera ND54

The product adopts high-precision infrared thermal imaging core, which has clear imaging and accurate temperature measurement, supports automatic cruise mode, and can transmit HD visible light and infrared dual-channel video images at the same time. The product has high reliability and high protection level, and can adapt to bad weather; in addition, it supports various NVR docking with flexible networking.

Intrinsic safety dual-vision infrared thermal imaging monitor ND51

The product can output HD visible light image and infrared image, and has voice intercom function, and the temperature measurement precision can be ±2°C. The product integrates the thermal imaging core, visible light core, microphone, horn and photoelectric switch in the explosion-proof shell, realizing the integration of thermal imaging, camera shooting, intercom and data transmission.