The LY-SSA Series is a compact and portable monocular handheld infrared telescope that offers simple operation and wide-ranging applications. With its clear imaging and comfortable viewing experience, this infrared telescope is perfect for observing at medium and short distances during nighttime, making it an ideal equipment for outdoor night vision.

High Definition and Wide Field of View

384*288 High Definition Imaging VS 240*180 Imaging
12μm Detector Imaging VS 17μm Detector Imaging

Multiple Image Mode Selection

Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion

50Hz Frame Rate

50Hz frame rate for a smooth observation experience

8x Magnification

Experience up to 8 times lossless magnification, with crystal-clear details and swift target acquisition

Wifi Connectivity

View real-time videos, adjust settings, record videos, and take photos using your smartphone

8 Hour Battery Life

8 Hour Batter Life,USB-C Charging

IP67 Level Protection

Waterproof and Dustproof



Search & Rescue

outdoor exploration


Model LY-SSA319 LY-SSA325
Detector Sensor Type  Uncooled VOx Detector
Spectral Response 8~14 μm
NETD < 35 mk ( @25°C, F# = 1.0)
Resolution 384 × 288
Frame Frequency 50 fps
Pixel Size 12 μm
Lens Focal Length 19mm 25mm
Detection Range (Meiofauna) 42m 57m
Detection Range (Mesofauna) 113m 150m
Detection Range (Macrofauna) 419m 552m
Image Display Display Resolution 1024*768
Display OLED
Brightness Available in gear 1-5
Contrast Available in gear 1-5
Image Details Enhancement  Available
AGC Mode Automatic
Noise Reduction  Available
E-amplification ×1,×2,×4,×8
Pseudo Black heat,candescence, red heat, fusion
DPC Available
CVBS Available
FPS 50 frames
Maping Time 6 s
Parameter Saving Available
Cursor  Available
Menu  Available
System Parameters Power USB 5 V
Battery Life ≥8H
Waterproof Level IP67
Size (mm) 58*62*215
Weight 260g
Product Features P/V  Available
Video Output System MP4
Wifi/Hotspots  Available
Firmware Upgrading Available
Scene Adjustment Available in nature, highlight andenhancement mode
Spacing Ranging Available
Hotspot Tracking Available