Electric Vehicle Charging Temperature Monitoring Solution

Nov 11, 2021

Take precautions against "burning" , make the danger "visible".Strengthening charging monitoring is of great significance to electric vehicle fire prevention. However, in the field of electric vehicle fire protection monitoring, traditional security cameras rely on good optical conditions and can only detect a fire in the flame phase; and smoke detectors can only trigger an alarm when the electric vehicle is smoldering or producing smoke. Neither of them can truly prevent the danger from being "burned."

Simulation experiments by the Fire Department have proved that when electric vehicles are charged, fire and explosion accidents may occur due to battery overload and cable aging. Before the accident, there is usually an abnormally high temperature of certain components, and the temperature rises rapidly when a fire occurs. Hence, LAUREII launched an electric vehicle charging temperature measurement solution, using thermal imaging technology to monitor the temperature of the electric vehicle around the clock, day and night, and automatically warn the personnel before the fire occurs, so that they can take timely measures to prevent accidents.

System Strengths

1.Cross-Screen Synchronization, Real-Time Control:
The system supports three kinds of real-time platform access: Web, PC and mobile phones to preview videos and receive alarm information in real time, so that users can keep abreast of the situation at any time.

2.Hierarchical Alarm, Efficient Linkage:
The system supports hierarchical alarms, and users can set the alarm threshold temperature according to the needs of the scene.

3.Prompt Response, Intelligent Warning:
The system supports over-temperature alarm and temperature rise alarm, and realizes automatic alarm for abnormal high temperature or excessive temperature rise in a certain area of electric vehicle parking lot, effectively preventing further expansion of hidden dangers.

4.Automatically generate temperature curve:
The system can automatically generate temperature curves, visualize temperature information, and support data retrieving, providing a reliable basis for follow-up prevention.