Utility Industry Networking Thermal Cameras Monitoring Solution

Nov 11, 2021

Real time monitoring the electrical devices’ statues, guarantee the safety of power generation.Electricity is a basic industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and electric power safety is of most importance.

In response to the equipment monitoring requirements and intelligent operation and maintenance requirements of the power industry, LAUREII launched a power thermal networking camera monitoring solution.

The solution combines the front-end dual-vision thermal imaging monitoring camera with the back-end management platform. Through self-developed back-end expert diagnosis system and intelligent analysis, accurate temperature measurement, image processing and other industry-customized algorithms, it can realize the 24/7 networking monitoring of power equipment, and deploy intelligent early warning based on accurate monitoring data.

At the same time, this solution can complement the mobile inspection system of the inspection robot, realize the unmanned, intelligent operation and maintenance and monitoring of the electric power scene, and guarantee the safety of electric power production in an all-round way.

System Strengths

1.Front-End Temperature Measurement, Intelligent and Effective:
The thermal camera measures the temperature independently, does not rely on the 
back-end server, which can reduce the operating pressure of the server.
2.24/7 Dual Vision Monitoring:
High-definition optical + high-precision thermal imaging dual vision 
monitoring, realizing harsh environment monitoring, and ensuring safety all-round.
3.Accurate Temperature Measurement, Multi-Area Measurement:
The temperature measurement accuracy is ±2℃, and users can set multi-area 
temperature measurement according to their needs, 
making power monitoring more oriented and efficient.
4.Intelligent Alarm, See the Problem Before It Happens:
Based on the over-temperature diagnosis algorithm and the mobile human 
body monitoring algorithm, it realizes the intelligent diagnosis and active warning 
of abnormal temperature and intruders.
5.User-Friendly Software, Intelligent Operating:
Powerful advanced software, easy operation and maintenance.
6.Ultra-Long, Ultra-Wide:
Equipped with 360°rotating pan/tilt, the monitoring range is wider.
7.Easy Integration Into Existing Power Plant Control Systems