Petrochemical Thermal Networking Monitoring Solution

Nov 11, 2021

Timely warning of hidden dangers such as over-temperature and leakage, and build a safety barrier for high-risk industries.Petrochemical industry is a mainstay industry of the country, and it is also a typical high-risk industry. Some equipment has been in a state of high temperature and pressure for a long time, with hidden dangers and frequent fire and explosion accidents, posing a great threat to safe production.Therefore, how to discover hidden equipment hazards in time during the production process and prevent accidents is the key to improving the production safety of the petrochemical industry.

LAUREII launched the petrochemical thermal networking monitoring solution, through non-contact temperature measurement, 24-hour continuous online monitoring of critical equipment in the petrochemical, natural gas and other industries, and timely warning of over-temperature, leakage and other hidden dangers, building a security barrier for high-risk industry.

System Strengths

1.24/7 Networking Accurate Monitoring:
The front-end device adopts high-quality thermal sensor to guarantee accurate temperature measurement, and can realize networking monitoring of production equipment, such as storage tanks and pipelines, etc. To prevent equipment from overheating and pipeline leakage even in the darkness.
2.Automatic Over Temperature Alarm:
The system has a built-in AI algorithm for over-temperature diagnosis. Users can flexibly set critical temperature measurement areas and alarm temperature thresholds accordingly, and automatically alarm for over-temperature.
3.Intelligent Data Analysis:
The system software can perform statistics work on monitoring data, alarm information, etc., and generate statistical reports and temperature curves, making the analysis more intuitive and providing accurate data support for operation and maintenance personnel.
4.Automatic Intruder Alarm:
The system supports perimeter intrusion intelligent alarms, which will not be affected by the weather, and realize cross-border, intrusion, and cross-line alarms. Meanwhile, users can customize the alarm types, such as illegal smoking, carrying fire sources, etc., and the system will intelligently analyze and alarm the illegal operations to ensure the safety of the plant perimeter.

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