Metallurgy Industry Thermal Networking Monitoring Solution

Nov 11, 2021

In the process of metallurgy, temperature has a huge impact on product quality, and strict temperature monitoring procedures and detection methods are indispensable.

Meanwhile, production equipment has been in high temperature conditions for a long time. To ensure that it does not age, break, or even cause safety accidents due to high temperatures, real-time temperature monitoring is essential.

LAUREII metallurgy thermal networking monitoring solution uses non-contact temperature measurement to continuously monitor the temperature of production equipment in the metallurgy industry, and visually presents the temperature information, which can accurately locate abnormal parts and discover hidden equipment hazards in a timely manner. Intelligent early warning of over-temperature and abnormal temperature rise helps to effectively control the temperature of the production process and preventive maintenance of critical equipment.

System Strengths

1.24/7 Monitoring:
The system adopts an industrial-grade control unit and an explosion-proof thermal camera, which has strong stability and guards the scene security all-round.
2. Accuracy up to ±2℃:
The system can accurately monitor the surface temperature of the ladle, torpedo tanker and other equipment, infer the thickness of the ladle and tank wall, and prevent its thickness from being thinned or damaged.
3.Intelligent Over Temperature Alarm:
It can provide intelligent warning according to the temperature threshold set by the user, and provide various forms of alarm output such as mail and I/O, which is convenient for the personnel to intervene in time.
4.Dual Vision Monitoring, Prompt Locating Abnormalities:
The system can realize the simultaneous monitoring of optical and thermal imaging, helping users quickly locate temperature abnormal areas, and processing hidden dangers more efficiently.
5.Intelligent Diagnosis:
The system supports intelligent analysis of temperature data and report export, providing reliable data support for users to retrieve later.