Intelligent Thermal Imaging Fire Fighting Solution

Nov 11, 2021

Traditional monitoring equipment is restricted by light and weather conditions, and cannot achieve 24-hour uninterrupted networking monitoring. At the same time, it cannot perform temperature monitoring and alarm for high temperature hazards and fire risks in the environment.In order to solve the above problems, LAUREII launched a thermal imaging intelligent fire protection solution, including dual vision monitoring camera and back-end software platform, which can simultaneously perform high-definition video monitoring and temperature monitoring at multiple areas, and the fire and intrusion intelligent algorithm realizes intelligent diagnosis and real-time linkage alarm.The solution can be applied to safe campuses, charging piles, warehouses and other scenarios to help prevent and eliminate fire hazards and ensure safety.

System Strengths


1.24/7 Visible Monitoring, Clear Image:
Equipped with a high-definition optical camera and a high-precision thermal camera to achieve 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring.
2. Accurate Temperature Measurement, Multi-Area Measurement:
The temperature measurement accuracy can reach ±2℃, which can quickly and accurately detect high temperature abnormalities. And it supports multi-area temperature measurement, which can focus on important objects that are easy to cause fire.
3.Intelligent Diagnosis, Linkage Alarm:
Intelligently identify fire sources and intruders and give warnings. Users can receive alarm information through the software, mobile APP and email, etc.