Body Temperature Thermal Screening Solution

Nov 11, 2021

Quickly screen people with abnormal body temperature to protect the public health and safety.The traditional body temperature detection method uses a forehead thermometer, which is less efficient, and the distance between the tested person and the staff is relatively close, and the risk of infection for epidemic prevention workers is greater.

In order to solve the above problems, LAUREII launched a thermal imaging body temperature screening solution, which uses non-contact temperature measurement to achieve rapid screening of massive human flow temperature, automatic alarm for over-temperature, safer and more efficient, and is widely used in airports, stations, and other public places such as subway stations, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, conference centers and various production centers, centralized office places and other areas.

The system is based on thermal body temperature camera and software platform, with heat map and high-definition image processing, accurate temperature measurement as the core technology, it can realize regional personnel identification and personnel temperature detection. After on-site calibration, the temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.3°C, which helps the reliable implementation of epidemic monitoring and response mechanisms in various scenarios.The system adopts a minimalist design and consists of a dedicated thermal body temperature camera and an integrated software.

System Strengths

1.Fast Deployment, Easy Operation:
Simple system structure and easy deployment
2.Accurate Temperature Measurement, Stable and Reliable:
Using high-quality thermal cores, stable temperature measurement performance, accuracy of ±0.3℃ after on-site calibration.
3.Multi-Person Measurement, Effective Screening:
Support multi-person temperature measurement at the same time, without affecting the efficiency of crowd traffic.
4.Non-Contact Measurement, Safer:
Realize the physical isolation between the examiner and the examinee, and automate the temperature measurement process.
5.Intelligent Face Tracking, Anti-False Alarm:
Automatically track the face for temperature measurement to avoid false alarms caused by interference heat sources such as hot water cups, making epidemic prevention easier.
6.Exportable Statistical Reports, Easy to Trace:
Supports real-time statistics of the number of measured people, and can export statistical reports by time or temperature.