Integrated elevated temperature screening thermal camera T195S

The integrated temperature screening machine is equipped with high-quality infrared detector, which can plug and play without the computer, and can be flexibly deployed in public places with large stream of people, such as stations, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and office buildings, to realize rapid and accurate temperature screening and ensure public health and safety.


Functions and Characteristics


High-quality infrared thermal detector, advanced temperature measurement algorithm, industrial quality and strong environmental adaptability    

Accurate temperature measurement at 1-4 meters, precision better than ±0.3℃ and automatic correction of temperature drift

Multi-people temperature measurement at the same time and non-sensitive screening with passing rate at 300 people/minute    

Automatic face tracking, automatic over-temperature alarm, mask detection and population statistics

Easy to use:
Plug and play, no need computer, simple operation and convenient maintenance;    

Application Scenarios
The product can be used in schools, hospitals, supermarkets, stations, subway stations, office buildings and so on.Public institutions office buildings and supermarkets.

Technical specifications
Thermal camera resolution 160×120
Thermal camera response waveband 8-14μm
NETD <50 mK (0.050°C)
Thermal camera FOV 57°×44.3°
Palette iron red
Visual camera sensor 1/2.8-inch CMOS
Visual camera resolution 1920×1080
Intelligent recognition support the face capture function of multiple people walking at a constant speed (0.8m/s), and can detect and capture 20-30 faces at the same time (per frame).
Interface 1-way HDMI and 1-way USB 
Alarm support alarm output signal, which can control the access control system; support voice alarm
Video compression standard: H264/H265
TF card 32G
Temperature measurement range and precision the temperature measurement range is 28-45℃ and the precision is ±0.3℃ (human temperature is 33-40℃) after on-site calibration; 
the temperature measurement precision of other temperature sections within the temperature measurement range is ±1℃
Number of people of temperature measurement measure the temperature of 10-12 people at the same time
Accurate temperature measurement distance 1-4m
Abnormal temperature alarm higher than threshold alarm
Statistics report support statistics on the number of people 
Working environment temperature is 10℃-45℃ (the best working temperature for temperature measurement is 16℃-32℃), and EC 60068-2-30/24h; 85% relative humidity)
Power supply DC12V(9~14V)
Power consumption ≤4W
Dimension 90mm×47.3mm×130.15mm
Weight 440g
Secondary development
support Linux and Windows SDK development