Hand-held temperature screening instrument AS10H

AS10H adopts integrated design, which does not need back-end and network, and is ready to use without maintenance. The product is small and portable, flexible in erection, accurate in temperature measurement, supports over-temperature sound and light alarm, and meets the need of temperature screening.


Functions and Characteristics
hand-held mobile phone style:
Can be carried around in a pocket    

Easy to observe:
3.5-inch large screen is easy for observation

Three-button simple mode:
The operation is simple without the necessity of training    

High imaging quality:
Exclusive image optimization algorithm with high imaging quality

Automatic tracking:
Support temperature measurement at center point and automaticallytrack the highest and lowest temperature points in the picture;    

Quick finding:
The viewing angle is 57°x44.3°, so it can quickly find abnormal points

Two-sided pluggable:
The data/charging interface is USB 3.0 Type-C, which can be pluggedon both sides. Card    

Application Scenarios
The product can be used in schools, enterprises, factories, communities and so on.

Technical specifications
Size of display screen  3.5-inch
Image storage 800 images
Infrared resolution/pixel size 160×120/12μm
The infrared response band 8-14μm
Equivalent temperature difference of infrared noise <50 mK (0.050°C)
The infrared viewing field  57°×44.3°
The infrared palettes  iron red, gray scale and rainbow
Interface  USB3.0, Type C
Temperature measurement range and precision the temperature measurement range is 30-45℃ and the precision is ±0.5℃ after on-site calibration <br> (within temperature of 33-39℃)
Accurate temperature measurement distance  0.3-1.5m (0.6m is the best)
The number of people of temperature measurement can support at most 3 people to test at the same time
Temperature measurement method temperature measurement at center point and full-screen tracking
Abnormal temperature alarm high temperature buzzer alarm and the alarm temperature is adjustable within 37.0-38.0℃
Working environment temperature is 18℃~26℃; EC 60068-2-30/24h 85% relative humidity
Protection grade IP54
Falling protection  1m
Input voltage USB DC5V
Battery utility time 4H
Power consumption ≤3W
Size 125mm×72mm×16mm
Weight 170g